Transformative Life Coaching




Mindwell brings Transformational Life Coaching (TLC) to Mentoring Men’s Movement's incarcerated and recently released counterparts. TLC is an amalgamation and synthesis of a 30 year healing odyssey of studying and exploring some of the world's best practices in healing, spirituality, and transformation.  The TLC program has been refined to be practical, useful, effective, culturally sensitive and relevant for people of color - but not exclusive to people of color.  TLC is taught as a holistic four-pronged approach to, not only becoming a productive member of society, but a bridge to ascend to ones higher self. The four prongs to this end are: physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, and nutritional. Participants will come to understand how each prong is intricately connected and interdependent of the other. 


Sample Class:  2 hours


15 min.   Check in


45 min.  Daily/Weekly Transformational Dialectic Topic


50 min.  Mindfulness Movement/Yoga


5 min.    Vertical/static meditation


5 min.    Check out

For more information contact Anthony Williams at:

(510) 837-5004


Floyd D. Johnson at:

(415) 505-6474 


I want to thank you from the deepest depths of my soul. I feel so invigorated when I am done with our session. As I walk down 6th street, one of the craziest streets In the city, I am in complete solitude where no noise or action can distract me. I am floating gracefully as if i am walking on freshly fallen snow. I am Grateful for your wisdom and strength. Playing sports at the most elite level my whole life I want you to know I am beyond teachable. I want to continue our sessions regardless of how I have to make it happen. I am willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to make and keep a commitment. Above all else this is a thank you note for opening my awareness to a new dimension. I thank you, I respect you, and I appreciate you! Have a blessed night my friend, and get over that bridge safely!


 Text message sent by a student after a class.