What is SIMBA/Lion Kings


Simba, in the Swahili language mean young lion. With the proper conditions and training the young lion will mature into a lion king, capable of sustaining a pride. SIMBA/Lion Kings is manhood training for boys of color, with an African centered approach to social emotional learning. A boy, with the proper conditions and training will mature into a man, capable of sustaining a family and his community.


We infused our weekly gatherings with the cultural aspects of The Virtues of MAAT, The Nguzo Saba and a Parade of Ancestors, while utilizing180 Degrees Program Curriculum: Growing Into Manhood created especially by people of color for the learning style and culture of boys of color, especially Black boys to promote self-awareness, self- development and community service, in hopes of inspiring our sons, and revealing to them their true beauty.


These gatherings would afford us an incubator for men to be trained and prepared for the unique learning style of boys of color, especially Black boys . This invaluable engagement with our sons would be coupled with the annual Facilitators Training and a monthly Professional Development Series, to yield men that can deliver a year of quality social–emotional learning for our sons.


During the current 2016-2017 school year SIMBA/Lion Kings, a program of The Mentoring Men’s Movement, have two Elementary Prides, a Middle School Pride and a High School Pride, that gathers each week in the Emery Unified School District and the San Francisco Unified School District.

What is a Young Lion?

A young lion is a little boy of color, especially a Black boy in the 1st through the 12th grade. He is kinesthetic, verbal, living in a challenging environment, struggling with “being the boss of himself” but wanting to be more.


What is a Lion King?

A Lion King is a man of color, especially African American in the process of manhood. He is full of virtue! He understands the urgency and is committed to...growing men. He is vibrant, positive, oral in his approach, consistent in his discipline, kinesthetic in his delivery, a Bridge Builder, overcame a challenging childhood, wants to share his knowledge and like the young lion that he once was...wants to be more.

What is a Pride?

A Pride, is a group of lions forming a social unit. Our pride is the group that gathers for three hours each week. Our pride is the family. Our pride is the community. We are brothers and I am my brother’s keeper. Because we honor and teach the virtue and majesty of the lion, it is only fitting that we call ourselves a pride.