Mentorship Description


The mentors works with inmates, and others, who express a desire to change their criminal behavior, and remain arrest free.  The program promotes “Restorative Justice Principals” and encourages participants to participate in the weekly support groups.  Our mentors will seek to build a trusting relationship with participants.  Mentors serve as informal friends, advisors and resource brokers, helping the mentee to obtain the resources, service programs, and avoidance strategies they need to transition back into society or reach their personal goals.  The involvement of mentors, many of whom have dealt with substance addictions and the criminal justice system, also ensures inmates have someone who have a good idea what the mentee is experiencing.  If the participant is incarcerated, the mentor will help the mentee develop a reentry plan prior to his release.  The mentor will meet regularly with mentees and accompany them to recovery programs (if necessary) and also help them identify opportunities for employment, education, faith-based and social activities. The mentor will maintain contact with the mentee, and accompany him to other meetings and community events when appropriate.